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“Nature does not exist on the surface, it goes deep. The colors are the expression of this depth on the surface. They rise from the roots of the world. They are their life, the life of ideas. ”

Paul Cézanne

Sehnsucht nach Meer 03/05

Landscapes are at the center of my painting, and I am particularly fond of the sea.

At the moment my way of working is developing in a new direction.
I work more abstractly because I believe that this way I can dive more under the visible surface. I want to show landscapes how I perceive them, their energy, calm or dynamism. To do this, I have to go beyond simply depicting what I have seen or photographed.

Longing for the Sea: Series 02/02

Project "Longing for the Sea"

Since spring 2021 I've been working on several abstract series in which I deal with my feelings about the sea.

We have it in hand (4)

Digital Collages

I am creating digital collages for an art project with three other female artits on the subjects of “appreciation of nature” and “climate crisis”.

At the Sea (5)

Landscapes on Canvas

I have always been inspired by the landscapes of Europe, but above all by the sea.

Uta Lösken

“Artist” and “writer” – that’s how I define who I am and what I do. I also found other terms for myself:

I am a seeker. Maybe that’s why I’m a traveller.

I like to travel, I am curious. Not just to other countries, to other people.
I look for my way through the world of creative expression, experiment with different materials and techniques.

In my blog I take my readers on my artistic journey. I think about art and everyday life, let you look over my shoulder while painting and show new works. And in between I tell about interesting books or artists who inspire me.

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