"Artist" and "Writer"

That’s how I define who I am and what I do.

I also found other terms for myself:

Uta unterwegs / Uta on tour

I am a seeker.

Maybe that’s why I’m a traveller.

I like to travel, I am curious.

Not just to other countries, to other people.

I look for my way through the world of

creative expression, experiment with

different materials and techniques.

Landscapes are at the center of my painting, and I am particularly fond of the sea. On the way with the motorhome I take a lot of photos, collect motifs and impressions, use these photos as a starting point for my paintings.

At the moment my way of working is developing in a new direction.

I work more abstractly because I believe that this way I can dive under the visible surface. I want to show landscapes how I perceive them, their energy, calm or dynamism. To do this, I have to go beyond simply depicting what I have seen or photographed.

im Atelier / in my studio
Sehnsucht nach Meer 01/07

My current project deals with the “Longing for the Sea”. I work intuitively and abstractly, partly on paper, partly on plywood and on canvases. Acrylic paint, collage, and ink are some of my materials. I work in layers to express the complexity of nature.

There is more than we see on the surface. And so, after a first impression, on closer inspection the pictures should give an idea of their depth and history.

That second or third look is what I want to evoke. Because it is just as important in our dealings with nature. Only when we recognize what is hidden under the beautiful surface of the meadows and forests, the rivers and lakes, the seas and deserts, we can learn to change our behavior in such a way that this nature continues to bear and carry us.

In my BLOG I take my readers on my creative journey.

I think about art and everyday life, let you look over my shoulder while painting and show new work.

And in between I tell about interesting books or artists who inspire me.

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2019: März/April “weiblich – mutig – inspirierend” (5 Acrylbilder, 6 Collagen), group exhibition for International Women’s Day, Kreis- und Stadtbücherei Gummersbach

2018: März/April Exhibition for the opening of Lingenbacher Hof, Open-Air Museum Lindlar

2018: “StattAnsichten” (2 Acrylbilder), group exhibition in empty shops in Waldbröl

2017: “unterwegs zuhause” (Acryl-Arbeiten) – Rathaus der Gemeinde Reichshof, Denklingen

2017: Participation in a group exhibition for the Luther year in the foyer of the theatre, Gummersbach

2016: “Antik trifft Moderne” (Acryl-Arbeiten) – Grüne Scheune Drabenderhöhe, group exposition

2016: “AnsichtSachen” (Acryl-Arbeiten) – Rathaus Waldbröl

2006: “Reiseimpressionen” (Aquarelle) – Stadtbücherei Gummersbach


Another way to take a look at my pictures:

the showroom on our property.

Have a look?

What else?

I write.

While writing I can think more clearly, I have to think more clearly.

While writing I can catch ideas, let them mature, turn them into projects.

And sometimes the writing itself is the project, so a book comes out.


I love to combine photography with poetry.
This is how my calendars are created, professionally printed in A4 format.

Since 2005 I’m a member of a group of authors, since autumn 2020 called “Wort.Werk”. Since April 2010 I’m the head of this group.

Publications of poems and short stories in various anthologies.

So far five books of my own.

Juli 2011: 1st place in a writing competition called “Ins Blaue” (

November 2020: 1st place in the writing competion “Jede Frau hat eine Stimme” (Frauen-Union Gummersbach)