Art that has its origins in travel and movement also needs

an appropriate space for beeing presented: a galerie.mobil.

The Story

During our Scotland tour in 2012 I was amazed at how many artists can be found even in the most remote areas.

In villages or in the midst of wide landscapes you can find small galleries in old cottages or in extensions and sheds. Artists live, work and exhibit here.

Often these galleries are no bigger than a trailer …

A fleeting remark, a smile and the idea was born:

We buy an old caravan, remove the core, renovate it, convert it into a gallery.

It took about a year from the first idea to completion. The long winter caused significant delays because some work could not be carried out in the cold and wet.

Inside galerie.mobil


Even if it’s called “mobile”, my little gallery is permanently on our property. I am showing here both my current work and a cross-section from the “archive”.

The first exhibition took place in autumn 2013 under the title – who’s surprised – “Seaward”.

The galerie.mobil is open to Open Studios and by arrangement.

Curious how much space there is in such a gutted caravan? And what an exhibition looks like?

I have put together a few impressions from the past few years for you.